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Healing Rooms of Loveland
Online Ministry:
Installing the Zoom App

Zoom logo The Zoom application is a video-conferencing app that is available for Mac computers, PCs, Apple phones and tablets, and Android phones and tablets. It is free to download and use, and has been found to be the easiest to use of all the video-conferencing apps evaluated for Healing Rooms use. (Click here if you're nervous about Zoom's alleged security issues.) Note: There are many apps that have "zoom" in their names or descriptions, so make sure that app you're downloading has an icon similar to the one shown at left.

You'll want to download Zoom on a device that has both a camera and a microphone—most modern cell phones and tablets have both. If you want to use your computer, but it lacks a camera, inexpensive USB cameras (some with built-in microphones) are available locally and on If you want to use your computer but it lacks a microphone, inexpensive phone headsets can fill the bill.

Getting up and running on Zoom is easy:

  1. Download the app from one of these places: For mobile devices (phones and tablets), installation happens automatically upon download; for desktop and laptop computers, you may need to start the installation manually—typically by double-clicking—after the download completes.
  2. Open the app and start a new account. Fill in your name and email address, and agree to the terms of service. Then it will say that it sent a confirmation email to that address, to confirm that you own it.
  3. Open the email message and click/​tap the big blue "Activate Account" button. You'll be asked to create a password for your account. Do so, and you're done!

Now, you are ready to receive ministry from the Healing Rooms of Loveland via the internet!